About Us


A consultancy Incubator that is aimed at providing solutioning road maps via  a SME Hub.

  • Service Box 1 – Providing professional services from a consultancy perspective
  • Service Box 2 – Technology Augmentation
  • Service Box 3 – Solution productization (Getting to Vanilla)


Information and communication technology (ICT) is one of the fastest growing sectors in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has been quick to adopt new information technology and has a high mobile phone penetration rate, approximately 115 percent. The private sector is mostly computerized, with many public institutions also having access to IT facilities. However, most Government agencies based in rural areas are still not fully IT-based, and hardware and software upgrades are required to provide a more efficient service to the public. U.S. software providers have been successful in selling solutions to private customers and to some public-sector agencies

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